Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout

...would not take the garbage out.

Have you ever let your stray papers pile up until you feel like they're multiplying and planning a hostile takeover? I lugged out the shredder today and tackled all the stray bills, school newsletters, homework assignments, receipts, invitations, to-do lists, shopping lists, scribbled story ideas, kid art, flyers, etc. etc. I'm still not done. A mutant pile is sitting not two feet away, staring at me.

I'm in one of those "clear the clutter" moods. Depending on how long the adoption takes, we could be going home in six months. Ack! Everywhere I look there are things to sort, things to toss out or give away, to sell or fix or file. Three years ago we got on an airplane and flew halfway around the world with one suitcase and one duffle bag apiece. Now we've accumulated a horrifying amount of stuff to replace all the stuff we sold before moving here. Of course most of it I can't bear to part with, so it will be going home on a slow boat to the tune of about $6000 (based on what friends have paid). If I start sorting/tossing/filing now, maybe those six months will be enough.

In other news, Marty the fish passed away today. When the George the turtle died a few weeks ago my older son took it hard. We buried him (the turtle) in the yard with flowers and everything. So we tried to break the news about the fish as gently as possible. The boys were sad for about five seconds; the younger one wants to know when we can get another pet. Such is the circle of life.

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