Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Winter Blahs

I could really use some flowers and a temperature above 35 degrees. Any day now. C'mon, spring!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs

Does anybody else remember this cereal?

In my memory it tasted like perfection, like sunshine and gumdrops. In reality it probably tasted like sand. Either way it didn't matter. Just the name alone could get you through the day.

Photo from

Comfortably Numb

Too tired to go to bed. Not tired enough to quit flipping through the mind-numbing array of late-night tv programming.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mom Syndrome

Most days I'm grateful to be a stay-at-home mom, but there are certainly times when I miss working in an office environment--having contact with peers (or even just adults!), getting recognition for a job well done, wearing slacks or a cute skirt instead of pajama pants all day.

And then there are days when my tall, thin, blond, beautiful accountant neighbor stops by to pick up her kids and I have food stains on my shirt and my hair in a claw clip and no makeup on, and I don't even know if I've brushed my teeth all day.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Cheapskate Sweet Tooth

It's okay to buy yourself Valentine's candy if it's half off, right? I hate to think of all those poor, lonely boxes of chocolate just sitting on the shelf.

If only half off meant half the calories.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time Travel

I just noticed that my posts are showing up as a day ahead. Maybe Blogger thinks I'm still in the Philippines. *scratches head and goes to search for a way to fix it*

Please Pass the Potato Soup

Cheesy potato soup is my comfort food. I made a batch tonight to try to smooth the wrinkles of a long, tiring day.

Hubby's at a conference in Florida until Wednesday. The kids are so weary of being cooped up indoors that they're fighting constantly and running in circles. Every frantic, high-pitched squeal is like a drill bit to the brain.

I love my children more than life itself, but if we don't have some warmer weather soon, I may have to check myself into a nice, quiet padded room. Preferably in Florida.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Heart Day

I ended up in a store today, against my better judgment, and it was just as crazy as I feared.

But it was also funny and totally heartwarming to see guys of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds haunting the Valentine's section, staring at the shelves of stuffed bears in befuddlement or reading card after card in search of the perfect pre-written romantic sentiment.

The realist in me knows that half those guys were there because they'd get a good kick in the butt (or at least a few days of the silent treatment) if they didn't buy their sweethearts something for Valentine's Day. My hubby knows this from personal experience. :) But it's also sweet to see them trying, not just grabbing something off the shelf but giving it some actual thought. You could almost hear the conversation in their heads:

The big purple one has "I love you" on its stomach, but this brown one looks more like an actual bear, plus it plays that song from Titanic.

Yes, I realize my guy voice is not even a little bit authentic. And truth be told, I struggled just as much to think of something original for my sweetheart. He's getting a new case and a reading light for his Kindle. Eventually. Apparently expedited shipping meant "your purchase will arrive in a week or so."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Moments

Watching the Opening Ceremonies tonight brings back vivid memories of the Salt Lake Games. It was amazing to be there, to experience that electricity, that current of optimism and joy and pride. We tried for tickets through the wristband lottery but ultimately had to buy them the old-fashioned way: eBay.

We saw the women's figure skating short program (waaaay up in the nosebleed seats) and a men's hockey game (I think it was Belarus vs. Russia). I remember the huge banners that draped the buildings downtown, and the silly Roots berets that sold out because they were THE hot item to wear.

I admit it--I love the stories of sacrifice and lifelong struggle that emerge during the Olympics, no matter what country the athletes are from, because in most cases they've worked their whole lives in pursuit of a dream, and then they're there, they've made it, they've accomplished something truly great. Medals or no medals, it's the triumph of the human spirit that gets me every time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reading Habits

My daughter's current bedtime story of choice is OLIVIA.

I don't know whether to be thrilled at her excellent taste in books, or terrified that she thinks of Olivia as a kindred spirit.

Our oldest just tore his way through the first four Percy Jackson books and wants to see the new movie on Friday. This makes me insanely happy. He's read all the Harry Potters and Artemis Fowls and Fablehaven books. He's halfway through the Prydain chronicles. I could use some recommendations on middle-grade boy series. We have the Dark Is Rising books but they're not quite to his taste. Maybe the Tripod books? Hmm. Time for a trip to the bookstore.

Our seven-year-old claims not to like reading, but he loves dogs even more than Mario Kart, so we're reading dog chapter books every night in hopes of getting him hooked. It's kind of like a puzzle, finding the right book for the right kid.

What a wonderful problem to have.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Cry for Help

Have I mentioned that Bejeweled is awesome? Oh, right. Yesterday.

But it tells me I'm excellent and incredible. How many other games are both sparkly and provide an instant ego boost?

Plus the offer we were expecting on the house today didn't come, so distractions were especially welcome.

If I post about Bejeweled again tomorrow, someone may need to stage an intervention.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I went for months without playing Bejeweled on my iPod. Now that I'm done with revisions on Killer Earthlings, Bejeweled is my distraction (i.e. time waster) of choice.

It's a simple, slightly addictive way to recharge before I start the next book. It also makes a good distraction when I start obsessing about whether this will be the week we sell the house, or when I freak out if there's a Fruity Pebble on the floor.

Plus those little gems are just so sparkly, and they make those cool pling and goong noises when they collapse.

I'm totally not addicted. I can quit any time I want.

Now where did I put that iPod...?