Friday, June 1, 2007

My poor little laptop was admitted to the computer hospital this week. The pangs of withdrawal I suffered for three entire days made me realize that perhaps I'm slightly addicted, just a very little bit. What a sense of disconnect!

The Fujitsu dealership (?) was set up like a doctor's office. You sign in with the receptionist, sit in a waiting room with funky chairs and wait to be called, then follow your assigned computer doc to his own special cubicle where he sits down with you to diagnose your baby's illness. Sure, it was only a damaged power port caused by my own reckless carting of the computer from room to room like a security blanket, but it was comforting to know my laptop was in capable hands.

In adoption news, I submitted our application and all relevant paperwork today. Next comes the home visit and hopefully a court date soon after!

In travel news, we're all booked for Singapore at the end of June. I'm counting the hours.

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Helena said...

Oh no! The horror of being computer-less! (I am morbidly compelled to ask if you got more done.)

Have fun in Singapore!