Friday, November 16, 2007

Road Trip

We went for a Sunday drive a few weeks back to escape the city. We made a huge loop, going east and then south through the mountains and skirting a lake called Laguna de Bay, returning to Manila via the SLEX, or South Luzon Expressway.

After six hours we were awfully tired of the car. But the mountain air and the constant sea of green made it all worthwhile. Along the side of the road you could buy coconuts, wicker furniture--even Christmas decorations.

The view:

These cuties were selling quail eggs when we stopped at a lookout point to take pictures:


Helena said...

That's a long Sunday drive! Sounds cool, though.

Helena said...

We were just at Cost Plus World Market the other day and they had some Philippine lanterns. I must admit I'm generally not much of a candle person but I find myself drawn to things that you put candles *in.*