Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clearing the Clutter

Hooray for garage sales! We cleared out a ton of stuff, and made about twice as much as expected. Things that did not sell:

-3 child car seats
-A huge pile of paperback books
-2 paintings

There are no laws requiring child safety seats here (or if there are nobody follows them), so no big surprise there.

The books--again, not a surprise. As a rule, you're more likely to see people reading fashion magazines (my Oprah magazines sold like hotcakes). There are many good reasons for this, including the cost of books and the language issue, and some not-so-good reasons, like Manila's incredibly pervasive fashionista fetish. It still makes me sad. Even though I like saying "fashionista fetish."


Kellie "kiki" Openshaw said...

Yah, those Oprah mags are hard to come by in the Philippines! I am glad your sale went well, did those ladies get a jeepney to haul away the couch? Natalie looks absolutely darling in the white dress! Love it.

Angela said...

Tag! You're it!