Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Musings

First off, a summary of our Valentine's Day 2009: sick kids. :(

Though I did receive some gorgeous red roses with the longest stems I've ever seen. Thanks, sweetie!

Speaking of red, winter in Illinois brings an unexpected delight: cardinals. I love glancing out the kitchen window to spot a shock of red bright against the snow or perched among the bare branches. Such pretty things! I had never seen a cardinal before we moved here. They are a simple but striking reminder of God's glorious handiwork.

(This was labeled as a free stock photo. Any infringement is not on purpose!)

Oh, and re: deathmatch results: I don't actually believe there's any fair comparison between the Philippines and ANYWHERE in the US, except maybe the beaches. There's simply no place like home. It was just so strange for me to be missing Manila SO MUCH that it felt like a blog-worthy event. Illinois gets the big, shiny, make-believe belt buckle. Well-played!

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Helena said...

I love cardinals! (Cedar waxwings are a favorite, too. I remember seeing some of them around BYU.)