Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick Day

The boys were home sick from school today--nothing major, just the sniffles. But the daughter and I have them too, so we were a house full of bored, sniffling people. I played way too many games of Bejeweled and checked e-mail like 1,000 times. The kids have played so much Mario Kart, they're better drivers than I am. I could probably send them out in the van to run errands and they'd make it home without a scratch (and in record time).

Psych is back tonight with new episodes, and I am a happy camper. (Though I can't watch it 'til the hubby gets back in town, since watching it together is kind of our thing.) Is it sad that I'm this excited about a TV show? It's just so silly and fun, with its 80s guest stars and Scooby Doo plots. Just watching the commercials for it makes me smile.

Smiling is good. Sniffling, not as good.

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Helena said...

Psych is fun.

I hope you're all feeling better soon!