Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Heart Day

I ended up in a store today, against my better judgment, and it was just as crazy as I feared.

But it was also funny and totally heartwarming to see guys of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds haunting the Valentine's section, staring at the shelves of stuffed bears in befuddlement or reading card after card in search of the perfect pre-written romantic sentiment.

The realist in me knows that half those guys were there because they'd get a good kick in the butt (or at least a few days of the silent treatment) if they didn't buy their sweethearts something for Valentine's Day. My hubby knows this from personal experience. :) But it's also sweet to see them trying, not just grabbing something off the shelf but giving it some actual thought. You could almost hear the conversation in their heads:

The big purple one has "I love you" on its stomach, but this brown one looks more like an actual bear, plus it plays that song from Titanic.

Yes, I realize my guy voice is not even a little bit authentic. And truth be told, I struggled just as much to think of something original for my sweetheart. He's getting a new case and a reading light for his Kindle. Eventually. Apparently expedited shipping meant "your purchase will arrive in a week or so."

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