Friday, September 7, 2007

Stomping Grounds part II

We spent the middle leg of our trip in Spokane, where I lived until fifth grade.

It still felt familiar.

I like Spokane because it seems calm, almost lazy. Laid back. It's pretty in an understated kind of way, and people are friendly. They still have the White Elephant store and the same McDonald's where I won second place in the coloring contest at age 3. Riverfront Park looks unchanged, except for the cool new fountain beside the 100-year-old carousel. I wasn't tall enough to try for the gold ring on the carousel until right before we moved away. Sadly, during our trip Mr. First Born endured the same frustration. But he had fun feeding trash to the metal garbage goat.

There was a children's festival the day we visited the park, so the kids got to climb around inside a fire truck, bounce around inside the inflatables, and pal around with Grandpa and Grandma as they collected free loot from all the sponsor booths.

Favorite Spokane moments:
-The First-Born's baptism
-Quality time with grandmas and grandpas and cousins
-P.F. Chang's


Garrett, Kellie, and Amaya said...

Love the pictures, everything is SO clean!!! Looks like tons of fun but we sure are glad you guys are back!

Chris said...

Hey guys! It WAS clean. You could sit on the grass and everything. Not a jeepney or peeing man in sight! :)

We're glad to be home too. Sitting on the grass is highly overrated anyway. Thx for the post!