Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Yay! I made it past the first page of my WIP. \0/

My newest difficulty is nodding off while writing. That's right: I'm boring myself into midday slumber. (It may also have something to do with staying up until 2 am several nights this week.)

Mother's Day was a hit, though DH had to catch a flight to NY in the afternoon. He bought me a skillet and sat there watching me squirm, trying to act excited, until he pulled out a pair of diamond earrings--easily the nicest jewelry I've ever owned, next to my wedding ring. What an amazing guy.

I also had to share this last tidbit about our cornball Middle Child. We were sitting at First-Born's game Saturday in the freezing cold weather (they won!). MC wanted to go sit in the car. I suggested he watch the game to get some pointers, since his first game is two weeks away. He rolled his eyes, flung out his hands and said in all seriousness: "But I'm already fantastic!"

Hee. It's true the kid can hit. His other skills...need work.

Zero help required in the confidence department.


Cynthia Reese said...

Your DH needs to train The Husband. I scored ... nothing. That's right. The Husband didn't get me so much as a card for Mother's Day. Guess he thought his work was done when he made the trip to China with me to get such a wonderful Kiddo. :-)

Chris said...

Aww. Maybe you could twist his arm to take you out for a belated dinner. My DH needs a nudge in the right direction sometimes, but most times he does try. This time he happened to knock it out of the park!

Why did I not realize you had adopted a child from China? That is simply wonderful and amazing. We'll have to compare stories some time. *zips off to read your blog archives for details*