Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Birthday Girl

Our little girl turned one this week. We're still pinching ourselves, trying to figure out how the year zoomed by without our permission.

She wasn't too into the cake, though in fairness it was past her bedtime. I was expecting a lot more mess.

I had fun buying girl presents. I've been waiting 25 years to buy a Cabbage Patch doll. The Barbie Dream House and Easy Bake Oven will have to wait a little longer.

Happy Birthday, Princess!


Garrett, Kellie, and Amaya said...

Oh Nat, you are so cute! That cake was amazing. After last weeks mishap, I might need to get a easybake oven for myself! Fun stuff.

Helena said...

What a cool cake!

Happy birthday Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Hi There Chris,
I too am a writer and connected to the adoption world. I have two adopted children from Korea. I am not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but I'm glad I did -- it's terrific.

My first middle-grade novel, KIMCHI & CALAMARI,
features an adoptive protagonist.

Best to you and yours. Happy National Adoption Month which starts tomorrow.
Write on!
Rose Kent

Angela said...

She is too precious and that cake is befitting for a princess. Have fun picking out dolls, dresses and all that's lace and ruffles.:)

Chris said...

Thanks for all the kind wishes!

Rose, glad to meet you! I checked out your site and can't wait to pick up your book. I'd love to chat about your adoption experience some time.